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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Payment Information

1.1. What payment methods are available?

We accept payment via Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer (Only applicable to some area).

You can shop safely and securely with any of the following four convenient methods:

1. PayPal: this is the online payment method that most of our customers choose, you can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with PayPal.

2. Credit Card: Pay On-line by Credit Card, we accept Visa, MasterCard and more secure payments.

3. Bank Transfer: We accept secure bank transfer for very large orders (over $1,500).


1.2. Why does the payment status report that is pending?

Payment made by an e-Check will take a few business days to clear when using PayPal. This is normal. The status will be pending and we will be happy to send your order once it has been cleared.


1.3. I had paid for the order, Why does the order status say that the order is still waiting for payment ?

The PayPal server can sometimes experience delays, please wait 2-4 hours and check again. If it is still unpaid, you can contact your local PayPal office or provide your transaction ID